Spring 2016 Fund Drive

The Apple Valley Speech and Debate Program would like to acknowledge all of those who donated money in our Spring 2016 Campaign.  Your donations were unprecedented, and they enabled us to travel to Salt Lake City where we were once again recognized as a School of Excellence. Thank you  for all of your support.

Last Name First Name
Advani Reuben 
Akinaka Carrie 
Anderson & Bennett Doug and Dan
Beck Sarah 
Bitzenhofer Angela 
Brama  (Reilly)  Elizabeth
Brown David 
Burton Tatiana 
Chung Adrine
Cohen Ben 
Davies Nika 
Davies Kyle 
Delisi Michelle 
Divoky Kathleen 
Doyle Angela 
Englund Jill 
Engstrom Eric 
Fix Lisa & Mike 
Garcia Tony 
Gauche Pickell Sarah 
Gerbensky Mike and Carol 
Goodson Colin 
Green Jenna 
Greenfield Tim
Grindstaff Davin 
Gulden Janet  
Herzog Matt 
Hogan Tim 
Horoshak Cheryl 
Johnson Mike
Kaler Matthew 
Kaspszak Kathy  
Kastanek Annie 
Keohane Andrea 
Keohane Jennifer 
Keohane Michelle 
Kim Ann 
Koering Zimney Sally 
Leow choy
Leow Szumei 
Leow Szuyin 
Lindgren Robb and Sam 
McGinnis David 
Metzger Kellie 
Miles  Haugen
Nichols Patrick 
Ostrander Thomas
Ostrander Ben 
Ostrander Luke 
Poker Rachel 
Poker Lindsey 
Quinn David  
Roberts Brian and Missy
Roos Ellen 
Rotty Cletus 
Salley Valerie 
Salley Jessica 
Scholz Kelsey 
Scovil Jay
Simones Elizabeth
Simoness Emily 
Singh Andrea 
Singh Ramraj 
Singh David 
Swenson Whitney
Swiggum Lindsay 
Teslaw Kathie and John 
Teslaw Aimee 
Thatcher Charis 
Theis Christopher 
Thompson Benjamin  
Townley Annette 
Ullery Brant  
Wycoff Joe and Pam 
Wynn Tammy 
You Josh 

Join the Alumni Association!

Please email Pam Cady Wycoff at with the following information to add to our Alumni Contact List:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Year of Graduation:
Maiden name: If applicable
Current Address & Phone Number:
Let us know where you are, what you are doing, or anything else you’d like to share. Please be sure to note if you’d like this information to be added to our “News and Events” page. If you’d like to send us any photos, please email Pam Wycoff
Alumni Connection
This is our facebook page!
For decades, Apple Valley’s Speech and Debate team has excelled at state, regional, and national competitions. Thousands of students have been involved in the program from the 1970s to today. Each year, over a hundred new students join the team and become part of a living legacy at Apple Valley. This history is hard to parallel and stands among the nation as a unique phenomenon. As part of this tradition, this part of the website is dedicated to bridging the gap between the old and the new as well as to keep this part of our history alive. As part of our program, we hope that you’ll find these pages useful and fun. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or want to help out the team by emailing Pam Wycoff at
By establishing this group we hope to:
Create an Alumni Contact List and facilitate connections within the group.
Post News Updates about past team members
Organize a Speech and Debate Team Reunion
Re-connect Alumni to the AVHS Speech and Debate Program and facilitate ways alumni can still be involved with the current program
Find alumni who may be willing to help us with achieving any of these “hopes.”
While the website is being developed and the infrastructure is being built, we’d love to hear from you by emailing Pam Wycoff.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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