Benefits of Forensics

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
High school forensics, which includes speech and debate, has become one of the most exciting and challenging activities for students to participate in. We here at Apple Valley High School feel quite passionately about why it can benefit everyone. We have a great deal of literature that will help you to decide if Apple Valley Speech and Debate is the right activity for you.
Here are a few more resources / testimonials that might help you make that decision. These are provided by the National Forensic League (NFL) which is the national organization that promotes speech and debate around the country.

Jonathan Carr This is probably the most compelling testimonial for debate you will ever read. Jonathan is actually a student who used to debate a former Apple Valley student, David Singh. As an interesting side-note, both David and Jonathan now work together in a New York law firm.
Minh Luong (One of the most highly respected names in high school debate, Minh Luong is an Assistant Professor of Ethics at Yale.) This is an article that he wrote on the benefits of speech and debate.
Michael Urie (Professional Actor) Michael was a National Champion in Speech in the category of Dramatic Interpretation. You can see Michael on the show “Ugly Betty.”
Carol Houlihan Brown (Debater) It’s Not About the Trophies
Jason Raphael Williams (Actor) Writes about the benefits of speech.
Nicole Lowrance (Actress) Writes about the benefits of speech.
“Those 4 years in debate were the educational foundation of everything I did. And I don’t mean that in some simple form…I’m saying the finest education I got from any of the institutions I attended, the foundation of my mind that I got during those 4 years of competitive policy debate; that is, 90% of the intellectual capacity that I operate with today–Fordham [University] for college, Fordham for the Ph.D., Harvard for law school–all of that is the other 10%.” — John Sexton, President of NYU

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