Friday, December 30, 2016

AVHS Speech Team Volunteering at VMS

Please watch the following video and complete the "AVHS Speech Team Volunteer" form beneath that. Kate Brause will be posting the schedule in the near future and you can refer to her with any questions.

Thanks for doing this. Have fun.



Thursday, December 22, 2016

Josh Gad
OO National Champion 99

The following oratory stands out as both thoughtful and quite funny. I want you to watch it with a special focus on both delivery and his use of humor. Answer the following questions:
How does Josh make this funny? Give examples. (ie. the use of contrast, sarcasm, vocal expression, facials, pop culture references, oratory references, human nature observations etc.)
What does Josh do in terms of delivery that make him stand out? Consider his conversational tone, pitch, volume, facials, commitments. movement, gesture, pace etc.)
Identify his thesis. Explain what makes it unique?

Be prepared to discuss these answers with the group.