Tuesday, May 17, 2016

AVHS Wins Big Team Sweeps at NIETOC

This past weekend, AVHS won the big team sweepstakes at the Grand National Tournament for NIETOC, which included some of the nation's most competitive students. Over 100 schools from 40 states converged on Denver for the event.

Here are a few of the highlights.

AVHS took thirteen entries in total. Twelve of those entries made it to the first break, while eight of them made it to semi finals, and five placed in the top six!

Here are a few highlights.

Marlena Santos, national semi finalist in Oratory
Moti Begna and Stephanie Kahle, national semi finalists in Duo
Cassandra Edlund and Trevor Taylor, national semi finalists in Duo
Felipe Escudero, 6th plance finish in Drama
Annabel Higgin-Houser, 5th place in Prose
Stephanie Kahle, 4th place in Humorous
Yassin Abasher, 3rd place in Oratory
Cassandra Edlund, 3rd place in Drama

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